miércoles, agosto 31, 2005


I think there arent too many bands here in Galicia ( i have to tell all the comunity, because in the city...) I mean interesting bands in the vein i like.. and of course, with a good actitude!!. i dont know..
the scene the scene the scene, the only good thinkg about this word is that a lot of people grew up with good ideas about music.!!!
there are not too many bands in the scene in Galicia, .! Please if you are in the scene and have a band here, let me know!!! (dont mind about the kind of music you play!!!)

the band of the photo is amapola, from pontevedra, pink and brown style,... so you know,.. load records stuff!!!

sábado, agosto 20, 2005

Back from Sant Feliu ...

I´m Back from Sant Feliu de Guixols (hardcore) Fest.
Was my 4 year and my 3 continued.. This year was funniest than the past one, almost in the bands issue!.
I will post more photos from shows.. but this time only one from Lungfish, their show was so cool!!!.
other photos from the rocks near the beach (some friend jumping off) and people...
Nice to see people again.. i´m from the other cost of Spain, so.. 1250 km between my city (Vigo) and Sant Feliu (near barcelona) i drove all the time except from 1 hour... so.. in total.. 2500km or more, and about 30 hours driving!!!. Anyway, i loved to see again a lot of people, Patty from France, and a lot of kids from spain!!1 (edu,madrid chieffs!!!,.. and new one as tontcho, teenmachine, etc...)
More photos soon!!!.