jueves, septiembre 17, 2009


While time goes, and I can hardly remember the last time I drove through unknown roads, So, two days ago I decided (to say the truth not to decide) to drive without a destiny.
I drove near my home city, I wanted to shoot some photographs, so I "know" what I wanted.
As the day was getting to an end, and dark was appearing, I decided to exit the highway I was driving in.
I drove for an hour or two by roads I did not recognise, maybe by the darkness or maybe I´ve never been there before.
Some time ago, I was used to do that kind of tournaments with my grandparents, my mom, all of us in the car, just heading nowhere, or maybe everywhere.
Later, I did that kind of routes with the most important person I ´ve ever known.
Two days ago, I was completely alone. No grandpas, no mom no lover.
I do not know if I enjoy because I want to think on my problems or because I can´t realky think of a shit while driving. But I enjoy. I know I preffer not to do ir alone. But maybe it´s hard to find someone who really is for that thing.

I´m working on the road. Taking photographs around the ring roads that define the city.

si lo he escrito mal.
es por que es la semana del suspenso.

Gas station in A Cañiza.
The views on my new terrace.